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    NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Education Program for Schools

    Excursion / Last updated 3 months ago

    Explore nature, discover historic sites and learn about Aboriginal heritage and living culture. NSW National Parks offers 200+ immersive educational experiences, including our award-winning WilderQuest program for schools, in 50 national parks across the state. Visit our website or contact us by phone for more information.

    We believe that every child should have the chance to connect with nature as part of their education. NSW national parks help enrich students’ understanding of the living world and inspire them to care about, and care for, our environment.

    The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) helps students and teachers connect nature with the classroom through guided school excursions, in-school visits by rangers, fun online games and digital learning resources.

    School excursions in national parks offer immersive experiences that encourage children to discover and enjoy the living world. Excursions are designed to be hands-on and meet NSW curriculum outcomes. Our professional staff are expertly placed to ensure your day in the park is a fun and educational one. 

    When visiting a national park, students can: 

    • Discover ecosystems rich in biodiversity 
    • Explore historic and cultural sites 
    • Learn about Aboriginal culture and history 

    The benefits of time spent in nature are recognised by health and wellbeing studies across the globe. Giving students the chance to engage with the environment can result in a profound learning experience that leaves a lasting impression. 

    "The excursion was a wonderful experience for both students and teachers alike. The ferry trip to the island, the acting from the guides and having their faces painted by Jess with ochre were all highlights." - J. Brogden, Granville Public School, Convict Kids excursion on Goat Island in Sydney Harbour National Park

    “Students raved about the excursion – the best they had been on. They loved being in the real environment. The acting combined with environment really made them feel like they were going back in time.” – Teacher, Arcadia PS, Convict Footprints Theatre in the Wild, Dharug National Park

    "I would like to thank you and your team for an amazing day; I have had nothing but positive feedback from staff and students. The organisation of the day and the information provided was outstanding, and students are well prepared to complete their assessment task on the Blue Mountains as a World Heritage site." – Ros, Hills Grammar School

    "On behalf of the Year 4 teachers and students I would like to thank you for organising the Rangers and answering all my questions to assist me with organising our excursion. The feedback from students and teachers was that it was a great day and wonderful experience. Some children said it was the best excursion they've ever been on." – Lorena, Berala Public School, excursion to Blue Mountains National Park

    "I just wanted to let you know that we had a fantastic day ... The kids haven't stopped talking about it. The teachers also asked to pass on their thanks to all the Rangers and to let them know how much they learnt from the day. It was so informative but also just great fun. Thanks again for all your support.” - Joy, Taree West Public School, excursion to Booti Booti National Park

    "We feel so confident when the Discovery Rangers are in control – in their knowledge, their 'feel' for the environment and their relaxed yet firm management of the students.” – Teacher, Merici College, Canberra, Excursion to Kosciuszko National Park

    “On behalf of Bringelly PS it was a pleasure to visit Minnamurra Rainforest. The knowledge of the guides is exceptional and everyone was very helpful. The trip was very worthwhile and it will complement our unit of study.” – S. Billinghurst, Bringelly Public School, Investigating the Rainforest excursion, Budderoo National Park


    Our central booking office will help you with your school excursion plans and then put you in touch with the relevant NSW national park office to finalise the details. Office hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm.

    Phone: (02) 9995 5142
    Email: school.bookings@environment.nsw.gov.au


    Group sizes:
    Group sizes vary according to the excursion you book. In general, we limit groups to 20 – 30 students to meet National Parks safety guidelines, comfort and ease of moving through an outdoor environment. For hands-on excursions such as WilderQuest programs, groups are capped at 20 students.

    Adult supervision:
    One teacher needs to accompany each group of 20 – 30 students. Teachers remain responsible for the supervision of students, and schools must ensure that an adequate number of adult supervisors are present.

    Medical conditions or special needs students:
    Some national parks have accessibility options. Please advise us of students with special needs or accessibility requirements when making your booking so that we can plan accordingly. This includes any students with medical conditions, such as allergies.

    What to wear and bring:
    We recommend that students wear enclosed, comfortable shoes suitable for walking. It's a good idea to bring a hat and sunscreen and be ready for all weather conditions by packing a raincoat. Remember to bring food, water and any necessary medications. We advise that students pack their gear in a small backpack or similar, not in plastic bags. Teachers, please carry a first aid kit with you to each school excursion.

    The weather:
    All excursions will go ahead as planned unless cancelled or postponed for safety reasons. NSW National Parks staff will assess the weather forecast and conditions on the day.

    Risk assessment:
    Venue and safety information is provided prior to the excursion and teachers should make their own risk assessment based on the information provided. Teachers and carers are asked to be aware of, and consider the needs, abilities and medical conditions of students when visiting the excursion site. The supervision of students remains the responsibility of the teacher at all times.

    Cancellation and postponements:
    If your school has booked an excursion and needs to cancel, please contact our booking office by phone immediately. Options for rescheduling to a different date can be discussed if needed. A formal written cancellation is required by email from the organising teacher.

    Phone: (02) 9995 5142
    Email: school.bookings@environment.nsw.gov.au

    If NSW National Parks staff need to cancel, postpone or make changes to an excursion due to weather or other foreseen events, we will contact the teacher as soon as possible.

    National parks can accommodate small or large groups of students. Please talk to us about your needs.

    Experience spectacular natural environments and sites of cultural and historic significance on a school excursion with NSW National Parks. Led by expert guides, our excursions enliven students’ curiosity as they learn about conservation, Aboriginal culture and heritage sites around NSW.

    Our excursions are designed to meet NSW school curriculum outcomes and provide a valuable educational experience for children of all ages.

    We offer programs for both primary and secondary schools in a range of key learning areas. Choose a region to find out more about the school excursions near you.

    NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) manages more than 850 protected areas in NSW, covering over 7 million hectares and representing around 8 per cent of the land area of the state. This includes national parks, nature reserves, World Heritage areas, rainforests, beaches, alpine areas and sites of great cultural and historic significance. Management of these areas involves a wide range of responsibilities, including plant and animal conservation, fire management, sustainable tourism and visitation, research, education, volunteering programs and more.

    To explore programs and activities by geographic region, visit:

    To learn about our award-winning WilderQuest education program, visit:

    Prices vary depending on the school excursion and in most cases, minimum student numbers apply.


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