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    VCE Psychology Teacher

    Closing date May 8, 2017
    LocationBrighton East, Victoria, Australia
    Type Full-Time
    Status Temporary

    About this job


    This teaching role is for an experienced, committed and inspirational teacher of VCE Psychology. This position, covering a staff member on parental leave, commences at the beginning of term 3, Monday 17 July 2017, for a period of 12 months. This role has potential for ongoing part time or full time employment.


    This part time position consists, in 2017, of teaching two classes, a year 11 and a year 12 VCE Psychology.

    However a full time role would be considered, especially for candidates with experience in teaching Science or Mathematics.

    As the timetable works on a 10-day cycle class allocations vary across the 10-days. Therefore, in a part time capacity, time required each day will differ across this timetable period.


    All faculties consist of dedicated teams of professionals who promote individual growth in the academic understanding of their students. They work closely in teams to develop differentiated programs that provide support and extension where needed. A typical lesson will provide inspiration, rigour, and stimulate curiosity and critical thinking. St Leonard’s College has a culture of academic excellence which is driven by its motivated staff, and supported by students’ involvement in other opportunities to supplement and extend their learning beyond the classroom.

    The successful applicant will be passionate about teaching and learning and be able to inspire their students. They will know the current research on best pedagogical practices and be able to work in a team, share resources and ideas, and be able to communicate clearly with students and their parents. They will promote a growth mindset and focus on each student’s learning pathway, having strategies to determine their entry level and assess what each student needs to do in order to display growth in the student’s learning. They will be competent users of technology to support their organisational and pedagogical practices.

    Teachers are expected to undertake supervisory duties which are allocated in a roster either before school, at recess, lunchtime or after school. They are also expected to be involved in cocurricular activities, which may reflect particular skills and interests or as designated by the College. Teachers also undertake pastoral care responsibility. With each of these tasks it is the practice of the College to share the responsibilities as evenly as possible amongst the teaching staff so that there is no unreasonable load on any member of staff.

    All teachers are expected to attend staff meetings and other ad hoc meetings as arranged. It is also an expectation that all members of teaching staff attend the College’s major functions throughout the year.


    • The responsibilities of a St Leonard’s College teacher include, but are not limited to:

    •  Preparing and executing well-planned, academically rich and innovative lessons;

    •  Developing a stimulating learning environment by using a variety of styles and approaches to cater for individual learning needs;

    •  Employing a variety of effective teaching strategies to effectively implement the curriculum;

    •  Ensuring that classrooms are places where technology is seamlessly, yet actively, employed to assist in effective learning;

    •  Reporting on academic achievement to parents via the Continuous Reporting system and make appropriate levels of contact with parents as necessary;

    •  Developing learning relationships with students that assist in developing the confidence and learning of St Leonard’s College students;

    •  Giving appropriate time to the planning of lessons and collaboration with other teachers as part of teaching teams;

    •  Actively contributing to a culture of teaching and learning where teachers learn with, and from, each other and actively inquire into effective pedagogical practice;

    •  Engaging in active and continuous professional learning that is relevant to their area/ subject discipline as well as concerns and debates in the education sphere more generally;

    •  Being thoroughly versed in the policies of the College and abide by the policy directives;

    •  Supporting Pastoral staff in ensuring that the expectations of student behavior and dress are met;

    •  Engaging with students in a variety of activities outside the classroom, including House and co-curricular activities.


    All staff are to be supportive of the St Leonard’s College Mission Statement and to enhance the school’s reputation as one which is a warm and caring environment, characterised by efficiency, professionalism and a willingness to meet the individual needs of those within its community.

    It is a condition of employment that all teachers provide a Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) registration before their position will be confirmed.

     The College:

    •  is an equal opportunity employer;
    •  complies with the requirements of the Privacy Act;
    •  has a strong commitment to OH&S;
    •  will not tolerate harassment of any kind.

    College Standards - all staff are expected to actively support the following standards;

    •  Communication – effective, helpful and positive;

    •  Confidentiality – Protect the privacy and confidentiality of all personal information (staff/families/students);

    •  Teamwork – work together as a team to achieve the best results. Share information and collaborate across all sections of the College; trust, respect and support;

    •  Accountability – we do our work with honesty, integrity and enthusiasm;

    •  Performance – we perform to the best of our ability;

    •  Initiative – looking for opportunities to improve the way we work; flexible, adaptable and efficient.


    St Leonard’s College is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our students.

    The College has zero tolerance for child abuse and is committed to the protection of all children from all forms of child abuse. In this context, the College implements a comprehensive Child Safety and Protection programme across the entire College community.

    All staff are responsible for understanding and applying the College’s Child Safety and Protection Policy and procedures including being compliant with the Child Safety Code of Conduct and being proactive in reporting any concerns or identified risk.

    Where students are under staff care, there is an obligation to take all practical steps to protect students where a risk to students’ safety has been identified.