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    Principal Education Advisor - Australian Curriculum - Yeronga State High School

    Job Reference QLD/MER244531/17
    Closing date July 3, 2017
    Location Brisbane - South
    Type Full-Time
    Status Temporary
    Contact 0428183134

    About this job

    Your role:-

    You will have responsibility for leading the following activities and delivery of the follow key tasks

    • Coordinate and conduct online and face to face professional development, targeted to identify areas of need for curriculum leaders and teachers using the department’s Guidelines for Professional Learning.
    • Strengthen curriculum leaders and teachers’ knowledge of the Australian Curriculum and their expertise in C2C related disciplinary knowledge by focussing professional development on what students need to learn, effective teaching strategies and how to differentiate learning.
    • Improve curriculum leaders and teachers’ understanding of best practice in assessment by ensuing that professional development models effective practices documented in the P-12 Curriculum Framework.
    • Build curriculum leaders and teachers’ capability to use achievement standards and make consistent and comparable teacher judgments through providing targeted professional development.
    • Model and improve curriculum leaders and teachers’ understandings of contemporary teaching practices by using digital technologies to enhance professional development.
    • Support curriculum leaders and teachers to use blended models of professional development and student learning by creating digitally rich professional development.
    • Model, for curriculum leaders and teachers, high quality teaching focussed on the achievement of every student using the C2C exemplars.
    • Promote and coordinate teacher moderation processes within and across schools in the region.
    • Collaborate, with other Regional Officers supporting the implementation of the Australian Curriculum to ensure that high quality advice is provided and the most effective innovative teaching practices are embedded in schools throughout Queensland.
    • Manage funds according to budget and report on project outcomes and outputs meeting deadlines as requested.
    • Provide advice and data to the senior staff within the region and division and support the accountabilities of these officers.
    • Undertake the role by exhibiting a high level of commitment to develop and maintain professional knowledge and skills relevant to the required outcomes and duties.

    A mandatory requirement of this role is:-
    Possession of a relevant degree from a recognised tertiary institution or agreed equivalent which, in the opinion of the Director-General, Department of Education and Training or delegate is acceptable and is relevant to the responsibilities of the role.

    To apply please provide the following information:

    •    a brief resume including contact details for 2 referees (one of whom should be your current supervisor)

    •    a maximum 1 page written response outlining your suitability for the role referring to the key capabilities under how you will be assessed in the attached role description.

    Applications remain current for 12 months from the closing date and may be considered for appointment to identical or similar vacancies within the Department.

    Applications from recruitment agencies will not be accepted.

    Employees Requiring Placement will be considered on merit.