School Writing – learn to write and more (Aus/NZ)

HAVE you ever wished that you could customise a handwriting app with the font that your school uses? With the School Writing app you can. Teachers are able to customise the app using the approved handwriting fonts for both Australia and New Zealand. School Writing allows students to trace shapes, numbers, words, and whiteboard images, as well as uppercase and lowercase letters. The app has a 'learn' button which, when pressed, demonstrates the correct way to form letters and numbers, and audio instructions can be recorded by teachers using their preferred verbal pathway. Students can earn stars for correct letter formation and are asked to trace the letter again if it's formed incorrectly. Students cannot proceed to the next letter until they have achieved success with the current letter. When a lesson is complete teachers can have student tracings emailed automatically to themselves, or even the straight to the child's parent.

PRICE: $5.49

Eggy Words – Sight Words

EGGY Words 250 has been developed by the team behind the ABC Reading Eggs website. The Eggy Words app is a simple game that helps to expand the number of words students can read and write. This in turn supports students with both their reading and writing. It can be customised to make it suitable for children aged three to six, and upwards. And the app includes US, UK and Australian accents, which can be easily changed in the settings. The game is simple to play and ensures that the real focus remains on learning the sight words. Students swipe the sight word egg when it flies onto the screen much like other popular swipe style games. Students get three lives per level and these can be lost when students swipe bad eggs and incorrect words. They can earn up to three eggs depending on the amount of times they are able to identify the sight word.

FORMAT: iPads, iPhones and Android phones and tablets
PRICE: $2.99

Dominoes Addition

THIS is yet another fabulous app from the team at Little Monkey Apps. While the app does not take the place of concrete materials, Dominoes Addition is a great way to provide children with other opportunities to practise addition skills. The app focuses on using subitising skills to help children develop early addition skills. Students can choose from five different addition games that use dominoes to teach basic equations. Students earn stars for correct answers and the goal is to obtain 10 stars per game. Each of the five games focuses on a specific addition skill — including early addition, equal sums, cloze equations, doubles and near doubles. The app also comes with a Teaching Module that provides teachers with blank dominoes, dots, and pencils to use with small group or individual instruction. The Dominoes Addition app can be used to complement the Australian Curriculum from Foundation up to Year 4.

PRICE: $1.99