I’m an early childhood and primary school teacher, currently teaching Prep at Queen of Apostles Stafford.
I have a real passion for early childhood education – I feel that they are the most crucial years in a child’s life and it is important to set up a good foundation for their early education years.
I would recommend ACU’s education degree in a heartbeat! The course was a good combination of theory, practical and fun...
I used the fact that it was my first year last year as a “bonding” opportunity with my students.
I told them that I had a secret and the secret was that I was just as nervous as they were about starting school, because it was also my first day/year and then we made a promise to help each other out all year to learn everything there was to know about the school.
I was more worried about the parents knowing that I was a graduate teacher, but they were so lovely and so supportive.
I found it hard to have a work-life balance! I was so concerned about being the best teacher I could be for my kids that I would spend countless hours on Pinterest (a teacher’s best friend but also worst nightmare!) finding new and engaging activities.
 I would finish school and be too tired to go to the gym or to make dinner … It took me about 6 months to find a work-life balance, and now I allow myself one “school night” outing to catch up with friends and family.
I was blessed with a wonderful teaching team. They supported me through my first year, I don’t know what I would’ve done without them! One thing that did surprise me was how attached I got to the children, so much so, I call them “my kids” rather than my class.