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    Australian Museum Excursions

    Excursion / Last updated 9 months ago

    Australia's first museum is home to the largest collection of natural and cultural specimens in the southern hemisphere. This is the perfect place for students to engage with learning programs that use the latest technology and the Museum's own collections.

    Students can do guided tours, a self-guided exploration of an exhibition or a Museum educator-led session using real objects and specimens.

    Programs are designed for all areas of the curriculum but focus on History, Science and Visual Arts.


    "I had a great time at the museum. It was cool being able to touch real fossils and bones. I liked being able to work in a group with my friends and I learnt a lot about Australian megafauna. The diprotodon was massive!" - Emily, aged 16.

    Helen Wheeler
    6 College Street
    New South Wales


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