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    Excursion / Last updated 9 months ago

    Trainworks tells the story of New South Wales rail history through Australia’s largest showcase of rolling stock railway objects and memorabilia.

    Students are able to see a wide variety of historic trains on display and gain insights into the way in which transportation changed, and continues to change, lives in New South Wales.

    Curriculum Links

    The Trainworks site and collection is best suited to curriculum learning for primary students. The resources developed particularly address the K-6 Science & Technology and Human Society in its Environment (HSIE) Syllabi:

    K-6 Science & Technology

    - Stage 1 – Getting About
    - Stage 2 - Out and About
    - Stage 3 - On the Move

    K-6 HSIE

    - Stage 1 – Transport
    - Stage 1 – The Way We Were
    - Stage 2 – Places Then Now and Tomorrow

    K-6 COGS

    - Stage 1 – Local Places
    - Stage 1 – Powering On
    - Stage 2 – Machines

    Trainworks provides educational program options for those who prefer guided visits with our trained and knowledgeable volunteers or those who wish to discover the site on their own.

    Therese Nelson
    10 Barbour Rd
    New South Wales


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