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    School Excursions with Sydney Living Museums

    Excursion / Last updated 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    At Sydney Living Museums, your students will discover past lives, events and stories in the places where they actually unfolded. Our museums and historic houses are at the heart of every school excursion that we offer. Our curriculum-aligned programs for Stages 1 - 6 are designed to immerse students in an authentic historical experience and encourage children to actively investigate the past and better understand the past. For full details and booking information visit the website.

    Sydney Living Museums Head Office - The Mint 10 Macquarie Street
    New South Wales

    Unlocking Heritage Travel and Program Subsidies for eligible primary schools in NSW

    Unlocking Heritage is a two-year NSW Government-funded subsidy program for students attending primary schools in NSW with an FOEI of 100 and over or located in remote and regional areas to experience the state's historic and cultural heritage.

    Visit the website for full details.


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