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    Alice Springs Desert Park

    Excursion / Last updated 8 months, 1 week ago

    A visit to the Desert Park will give students: an understanding that the country around them is ancient, alive, exciting and dynamic; an awareness of the interconnected lives of desert plants, animals, people and landscapes; an opportunity to recognise, interact with and reflect on cultural perspectives different to their own; an appreciation that the desert is a special and worth protecting.

    The Alice Spring Desert Park is a purpose built facility that brings the desert to life in Central Australia. Students will gain an understanding that the country around them is ancient, alive, exciting and dynamic. The will recognise that there is a connection between desert plants, people, landscapes and culture. 

    The Desert Park offers guided and self-guided tour programs for local, remote and interstate students.  These experiences include areas of science, flora and fauna, geography and history specific to Central Australia.

    Students can gain a greater awareness of intercultural understanding on a Cultural Tour.  With a guide explore how it is possible to survive in a desert.  Hear the survival stories of desert people as you walk through their ancient supermarket, hardware shop and pharmacy.  It’s these experiences that will inspire the students to find answers themselves presenting the challenge of research skills, creative thinking, personal interpretation and a general understanding of the area.

    At night, students can explore and learn about rare and endangered animals of Central Australia on a Nocturnal Tour.  Step into the Mulga Walk, a large predator proof enclosure with your very own head lamp.  See bilbies foraging, come centimetres from an echidna and if you are lucky spot Mala now only found in captivity on the mainland.

    We pride ourselves on providing an authentic desert experience and invite you to discover how deserts are full of life. 

    Visitor Services
    (08) 8951 8788
    (08) 8951 8720
    Alice Springs Desert Park Larapinta Drive
    Alice Springs
    Northern Territory


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