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    The ultimate LEGO® classroom

    Excursion / Last updated 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Bring learning to life with LEGO® brick play in our national curriculum aligned LEGO® Education workshops at the all-new LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Melbourne. Inspire your students' imaginations with educational play that harnesses the limitless creative possibilities of LEGO® bricks.

    Learning is limitless in the ultimate LEGO® classroom. Take your class on a self-guided visit, or enrol in a national curriculum aligned LEGO® education workshop. 

    Choose from the following LEGO Education workshops:

    • Spinning Tops - for grades pre-k - 1st

    • In this exciting workshop students build LEGO spinning tops, collect data on whose design spins the longest, and learn about the forces that affect their top's performance.
    • Season - for grades pre-k - 1st

    • Help your early years' students learn about the season the hands-on way. In this workshop students will build and share what they know about the current season; leading to a discussion on weather changes and important seasonal activities and events.
    • Spin the Gears - for grades 2- 3
    • Gears, gears, gears! In this workshop students will build a series of models and experiment with gears exploring the difference between drive vs. driven gears, clockwise vs. counterclockwise, and will discover the concepts of effort and force.
    • Merry-Go-Round - for grades 4 - 6
    • A fun, hands-on way to get students excited about engineering, design, and mathematics. Students build a LEGO merry-go-round to explore gear ratios then experiment with gear trains to see which combination enables their ride to spin the fastest.
    • What a Great Experience! - for grades 2 - 6
    • Engaging students in reading and writing can be a challenge, but not when they build and tell their story using LEGO bricks! In this workshop, students will take inspiration from MINILAND and recount an experience they've had in their city, building their characters, setting, and plot using LEGO elements. They'll also write about their experience using their model as a visual referencing tool and share their story with others. 
    Level 2, Chadstone Shopping Centre 1341 Dandenong Road

    Full disability access. Bus parking is available.

    To help kindergarten and primary school children learn through play with LEGO® bricks.

    $10 for self-guided visits per student, and an additional $3 per student to take part in a school workshop.


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