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    Blue Peter - The Sea School

    School / Last updated 1 year ago

    The Sea School is a training organisation based in Moreton Bay, Queensland. We deliver fun and adventurous marine expeditions that achieve practical and meaningful learning outcomes. We focus on skill development and the group process, utilising adventure education and expeditionary learning approaches while covering the Sea School Curriculum.

    Our key objectives are to:

    • Provide quality maritime adventure training programs for young people to gain awareness, traditional skills and knowledge, build interpersonal competence and develop their commitment to service

    • Increase youth participation in marine expeditions, adventure based learning and “rites of passage” that focus adolescents on their ability to rise to challenges, responsibilities and opportunities

    • Develop a suite of high quality program options and training courses that raise the standard of adventure based learning approaches and are responsive to the needs of our trainees and all stakeholders

    • Provide pathways and opportunities for training, mentoring and accredited assessment for the conduction and facilitation of maritime adventure activities and expeditionary learning processes

    • Complement a range of existing experiential education programs for young people and facilitators, by working in partnership with key organisations

    Please explore our website for more detailed information: https://bluepeteraustralia.com/

    Jonathan Goss
    (07) 5463 0488
    Victoria Point