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    Driving School Improvement: a practical guide (masterclass)

    ACER invites you to attend our Driving School Improvement workshops and launch events or participate in a half-day Masterclass hosted by Melbourne Girls’ College and led by authors Pamela Macklin and Vic Zbar.

    Date October 24, 2017 - October 24, 2017
    Time 12:45pm - 5:30pm


    Whether it’s driving a strong improvement agenda or leading a team, engage with experts in their field to explore a range of educational ideas and pursue best practice to broaden and deepen your knowledge and skills for the purpose of driving educational improvement.

    The Masterclass events aim to provide unique opportunities for educational professionals to share strategies and reflect upon ideas to consolidate learning with your own school team and other professional collegiate groups.

    Driving School Improvement

    This half day Masterclass, led by Pamela Macklin and Vic Zbar, brings together the most recent research and understanding about how school improvement typically occurs and can successfully be driven through your school. Through a series of presentations, activities and discussions, Masterclass participants will explore:

    • the sources of variation in student learning
    • why some schools perform better than others
    • how schools improve and the stages through which they progress
    • what effective teachers do
    • how we can support teachers to engage in best practice

    $180 (includes a copy of Driving School Improvement)