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    Driving School Improvement: a practical guide (workshop)

    ACER invites you to attend our Driving School Improvement workshops and launch events or participate in a half-day Masterclass hosted by Melbourne Girls’ College and led by authors Pamela Macklin and Vic Zbar.

    Date October 23, 2017 - October 23, 2017
    Time 3:45pm - 5:45pm

    Vic Zbar and Pamela Macklin will provide an insight to their new book, Driving School Improvement: A Practical Guide. More specifically, this interactive workshop will provide you with an understanding of the stages of continuous whole school improvement and how you can determine where your school is at. The authors will outline the key strategies for progressing through each stage, based on a mix of research and what has worked in a large number of schools, and an indication of some of the tools that have successfully been used. Central to all of this is a focus on building leadership capacity and effectiveness in the school and supporting more teachers to work like the best. Attendance at the workshop will include a copy of the book which includes more detailed discussion of this proven school improvement approach, and a range of pro formas, tools and exemplars that can readily be adapted for use in your school.

    $100 (includes a copy of Driving School Improvement)