Evidence for Learning webinar: #EvidenceIntoAction - mathematics

Educators will learn about evidence-informed mathematics. This will include a focus on feedback, manipulatives, representations and developing learners’ independence and motivation. Practical examples about how these approaches can be used in the classroom will be discussed.

Date September 11, 2018 - September 11, 2018
Time 6:00pm - 7:00pm

This webinar will investigate the Evidence Ecosystem, the hierarchy of evidence and the latest evidence within the Teaching & Learning Toolkit (the Toolkit). Evidence for Learning has mapped the approaches within the Toolkit to different organisations' school improvement frameworks (Tailored Toolkits), including The National School Improvement Tool, The Framework for Improving Student Outcomes and the School Excellence Framework (recently updated for version 2). This webinar will look at the Tailored Toolkit produced in collaboration with the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers.

Supporting materials:
• Evidence Ecosystem - http://www.evidenceforlearning.org.au/evidence-informed-educators/evidence-ecosystem/
• Hierarchy of Evidence - http://www.evidenceforlearning.org.au/evidence-informed-educators/an-evidence-broker-for-australian-schools/
• Teaching & Learning Toolkit - http://www.evidenceforlearning.org.au/the-toolkit/
• Tailored Toolkits - http://www.evidenceforlearning.org.au/the-toolkit/approaches-by-organisation/
• The National School Improvement Tool - http://www.evidenceforlearning.org.au/the-toolkit/approaches-by-organisation/acer/national-school-improvement-tool/
• Framework for Improving Students Outcomes - http://www.evidenceforlearning.org.au/the-toolkit/approaches-by-organisation/victoria-government-schools/fiso-and-the-toolkit/
• School Excellence Framework - http://www.evidenceforlearning.org.au/the-toolkit/approaches-by-organisation/nsw-department-of-education/nsw-department-of-education-school-excellence-framework/
• Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers - http://www.evidenceforlearning.org.au/the-toolkit/approaches-by-organisation/aamt/

Listed time in AEST