If you conduct a simple Google search for the phrase “Death to PowerPoint” it will return in excess of 26 million results.

Yet, worldwide, there are an estimated 500 million PowerPoints made each and every day. But, especially since the arrival of iPads, there have been countless new presentation apps released.

As a classroom teacher and a frequent presenter at conferences I have tried many of these alternatives but I keep coming back to just one, Haiku Deck. This truly awesome presentation platform has led me to even ‘ban’ my students from using PowerPoint. Now, to explain why.

Haiku Deck started as a free iPad only app back in July, 2012. However, it is now also available in your Web Browser and is compatible with both iPhone and iPod Touch. Yes, there are In App Purchases but I can honestly say that I’ve not spent a cent in nearly two years.

Haiku Deck is based upon the simple belief that “show, don’t tell, is the most fundamental maxim.” This app is all about rapid access to high quality, copyright free images. So, what do you do? To begin, you choose a theme, add a slide and type in your two lines of text (yes, only two lines!) The text, used as a key word search, then presents you with a large number of Creative Commons images.

Choose your favourite, format the text to optimise the image and then add your next slide.

For me, the user-friendly simplicity of Haiku Deck has two key benefits. As a teacher I can make a presentation in literally just a few minutes but perhaps, more significantly, I have seen the platform used easily and successfully by five and six-year-olds.

Now of course there is much more … the ability to add hidden notes, to share by FaceBook and Twitter, to upload your own images, to print as a PDF, to create bullet point lists and graphs.

There is also a range of privacy options and your completed decks are maintained in your personal online gallery. I could go on and on. One of the most recent (and best) innovations is an iPhone version which turns your phone into a presentation clicker. 

The classroom possibilities are myriad. Haiku Deck is great for student collaboration, for digital storytelling, for writing prompts, for photo records of excursions and for building visual literacy.

As a company, Haiku Deck offers great customer support, a regular blog and a wide range of Pinterest curated resources. Give this presentation app a try; I’m certain you’ll join me in proclaiming “Death to PowerPoint.”