Darryl Buchanan, director of professional learning at AISNSW, says the one-day event will showcase some of the latest research and teaching strategies to come out of Harvard University in the US. 

“The presenter is Mark Church, he’s a research consultant and he’s been working with Harvard uni on their Project Zero, which really looks at a whole lot of different projects that are all about pushing the boundaries and promoting learning and thinking and achievement,” he says. 

This is not the first time Church has presented on behalf of the association, having regularly visited Australia to deliver conferences over the last four years.  

“They’re always continuing their work both in terms of research and in terms of examining practical applications, so each time he comes out the work is always fresh and at a higher level than at the previous time,” Buchanan says.

The whole point of the event is to empower teachers from all subject backgrounds with the right tools and knowledge to push their students to think more deeply about their learning. Delegates can expect to receive a comprehensive overview of some trategies that can be used to encourage students to ‘think about how to think.’ 

“Really what they’ll be looking at is how to apply and how to embed thinking routines in their normal teaching practices as a means to promote not just higher order thinking, but ... understanding how to think deeply about things. 

“They’ll come away with an understanding of how they can take their teaching to another level...,” Buchanan explains. The feedback from Church’s previous seminars has been consistently positive.

“They’ve been very popular ... there are some schools that have said ‘we really want to embed this right across our whole school.’”