Currently in his second year of teaching, Beatty from St Augustine’s College, has claimed the Excellence as a Beginning Teacher honour at the Brisbane Catholic Education Excellence in Teaching Awards .

The Year 4 teacher was both shocked and humbled by the win, but admits it still hasn’t completely sunk in.

“On the night I was just absolutely stoked to be there and be part of it all and I guess when my name got called out it was a bit of a shock but I was also very proud to receive the award,” Beatty tells Australian Teacher Magazine.

“It did feel really good because I think as a teacher, you spend a lot of time in your classroom with your kids, so to be recognised so publicly is also really exceptional.”

The basis for Beatty’s nomination and subsequent win was the work he does outside of his classroom commitments.

“We’re a P-12 school so even though I’m a primary teacher, I teach Year 4, I spend a bit of time doing some extracurricular stuff with some of the senior year students,” Beatty shares.

“I took a group, with a few other teachers, to a footy carnival and I’m taking a group to East Timor for an immersion in September.”

Being an early career teacher, Beatty admits that he took a while to find his feet at his school, but now he’s enjoying the confidence and comfort that comes with being in the second year of his teaching career.

“We’re lucky to have a lot of really good families at the school, really good kids and more importantly, really good staff members and leadership teams, so it is a place you can feel comfortable,” he says.

“You see, it’s a really big school – we have over 1400 students and over 100 staff so it does take a while to find yourself and I do feel very comfortable at the school at the moment and hope to be here for a while longer.”