Australian Curriculum: Work Studies is a stand-alone curriculum, designed to be an elective subject that will provide young Australians with the essential knowledge and skills for participation in the rapidly changing world of work.

The program also aims to help them plan and shape their future and make a contribution to the wider community.
ACARA CEO Robert Randall says as part of this new curriculum, students learn to understand what work is, how and why it is changing, and what this means for their future in working for others or themselves.

“Through a mix of applied learning and work exposure, students gain a better understanding of work and places of work,” he said.

The work studies curriculum also attempts to address the needs of young people, including personal and interpersonal skills, global awareness and the flexibility to manage change.

According to ACARA, the curriculum will address why Year 9s and 10s must develop literacy, numeracy, ICT and interpersonal skills to interact, communicate and work with others in a diverse range of contexts.

While the work studies curriculum is now available for use, it is still awaiting endorsement from the Education Council. ​