SORRELL School on the southeast coast of Tasmania may be home to surfing pedigree, but staff there are determined to produce more than just good surfers. Warwick Butler coordinator of the Sorrell Storm Surfing Program, with colleague and surf coach Craig Rappl, are turning out young surfers with an environmental conscience. Butler says the school's surf program was initiated last year on a needs basis. "Sorrell School's surrounded by three or four pretty good surf beaches ... this region's well known for the wave Shipsterns. We're probably one of the closest schools to 'Shippys' so, [the program is] sort of building all of that into one big thing." Although students in the program enjoy tackling Shippys, they are also taught to appreciate the environment that facilitates their favourite sport. "Part of the actual Storm Surfer creed, is if you see the litter you do something about it, you pick it up. "On a few of our trips we've tidied a few areas up along the way but, we hope to make it an annual thing, going up the north coast and getting the beaches tidy. "There's just a sense of responsibility and understanding of what it is to be in and around the ocean, and that includes the coastline, and that includes the terrestrial fringe," Butler says. After taking part in beach cleanups with the Storm Surfers, the advanced skills teacher says he has noticed students take a different approach to litter in general. "... these boys either say something and do something about it, or they make sure that their own areas are clean ... respecting the environment I suppose underpins the whole Storm Surfer creed." After a successful pilot year, Butler says he and Rappl are putting the feelers out for new members, and hoping to recruit a few girls as well as beginner surfers. "We have two different tiers running, this year we have more of a 'learn to surf' aspect to the program. Learn to surf would be something that [we've introduced] to build up the support for the Storm Surfers, and [recruit students] from the junior grades." As reigning state under-16 champions, Butler says there are plans to encourage Storm Surfer students to do some more competitive surfing, as well as more beach clean-up efforts this year. AAP