ELTHAM College, much like the suburb it is named after, is known for its artistic endevours so it’s fitting we record, perform and rehearse with pace and passion in our new Music and Performance Centre – a building designed especially to suit our curriculum.

ELTHAM College’s music and performing arts facilities have evolved in an “organic” fashion over time.  After 40 years of involvement architecturally masterplanning the school with CHC, the College decided it was time to expand and refurbish the existing facilities to create a spatially and visually cohesive building whilst providing students with technical facilities for today’s learning outcomes. The new centre is the result of that.

ClarkeHopkinsClarke, in many ways, has always been central to how our college community operates – right from our inception. But right now we’re happy to showcase to the wider community the musical performances we’re working on with our House Music Show (on show at Hamer Hall from March 17).
The new ELTHAM College Music and Performance Centre, opened in late 2014, has helped inspire the work on our latest show. The centre adds to the lives and education of our many arts focused graduates, many who pursue careers in fine arts, performing arts, music and technical production. The new casual practice studios, as well as the formal rehearsal areas, have never been busier  - right across the range of “learning spaces” such as theatres, recording studio, breakout rooms and instrument practice studios.
Our new foyer provides flexibility for daily use in learning activities and community events and performances regularly take place in the Clarke Auditorium, named in honor of the service school founder Les Clarke has provided to the college. The existing music performance space, practice rooms, teaching spaces were refurbished, as well as the addition of 11 new practice rooms, new performance spaces and supporting staff.

The facility is equipped with the latest audiovisual technology so students can access professional standard editing for their own music tracks. A centrally located recording studio, from which audio recordings from any room can be programmed and controlled, and built in visual recording technology in all the main performance spaces, have provided outstanding scope to students to work on our latest show and more.

Without the new Music and Performance Centre we wouldn’t have the colour and space, inspiring our students – and they know they sound better because of it! The new centre provides the opportunity for students to hear, understand and research their performances and therefore provides opportunity to improve their overall quality.

In a short period of time our new Music and Performance Centre has created the most inspiring learning environment and the college is exceptionally proud to help our students perform at their most vibrant, in any way we can.