Optimal safety of students and staff needed to be taken care of, so Select Concepts was contacted to provide a stage design solution that is practical, simple and safe.

The QUATTRO Stage System was chosen with a fully comprehensive 10 year warranty and is designed and manufactured in our Melbourne warehouse to fit the individual design specs of Quinns Beach Primary School’s hall and performance requirements.

Plus, QUATTRO may be added to at any time in the future with any of the proven safety and performance accessories to further optimise an impressive performance space.

Quinns Beach Primary School’s versatile stage is now 9 x 3 metres x 40cm in height - plenty of room for all school events from student assemblies to full class performances with three sets of single box steps to allow easy access.

The large stage deck surface is covered in beautiful Marine Grade Carpet which deadens any echoing sound, plus if the decision is made for the stage to ever make the move outdoors, the carpet and frame infrastructure allow prolonged exposure to exterior conditions.

As the stage is largely to remain erected against one of the school hall walls, an elegant black stained timber fascia lines three sides of the stage to hide the clever stage legs substructure and prevent balls and rubbish from accumulating under the stage.

 As can be seen in the photos, a purpose cut and sized door opens out on to the stage to allow easy access to the fire equipment cupboard.

The QUATTRO Stage System is sturdy, practical, elegant in its design simplicity and able to withstand years of vigorous use – all in all – a winning Australian system and a highly suitable solution to provide a safe economic performance and event space for students and staff of an energetic proactive school.