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    Teacher Resources for Technology in the Classroom

    Michael Hilkemeijer
    By Michael Hilkemeijer
    Community contribution / March 21, 2016

    Resources and ideas for teachers on how to use technology in the classroom.

    Professional learning / International project has an eye on education’s future

    With such rapid and significant changes in technology, it can be difficult to conjure an image of a ‘classroom of the future’.

    Leadership / Using your PLCs to their fullest potential

    Professional Learning Communities, better known as PLCs, are the latest response to systemic imperatives surrounding professional learning and staff collaboration in schools.

    Feature / Casually eroding the future of teaching

    While you could glance past the slight, well-dressed young woman in the middle of the playground, the eye is drawn to the huddle of children surrounding her. They follow her with faces turned up like flowers to the sun as she leans in and speaks t...

    Health and safety / Country kids deprived of vegetables needs - study

    Regional and remote kids face unique challenges when it comes to eating the recommended amount of vegetables, new research has found.

    School management / Activities must have a planned educational outcome

    What's the point of your experiential education program? If you can't answer this or aren't quite sure about it, then you're going to struggle providing any real educational value to your students. If you're just running activities for the sake of...

    Feature / Emotional intelligence and the workplace

    Since Daniel Goleman popularised the term ‘emotional intelligence’ back in the 1990s, the notion of aspects of human performance and functioning related to emotions as opposed to cognition has taken off around the world.

    Feature / Young Australians facing greatest challenge

    *Sam wasn’t really interested in what the others were saying about her, well she didn’t show it in front of anyone; that would be displaying weakness and the vultures of the classroom would see that. Home was no longer safe. It used to be when Mum...

    Classroom / Green finger robot embedding skills

    The tech-savvy students at Kilvington Grammar School in Melbourne had their work cut out for them last semester as they plugged away at creating their very own robot capable of autonomously planting and growing vegetables.

    Classroom / PBL making learning memorable

    I remember a project in Year 11 in which I worked with peers and a local primary school to write, direct and film an anti-bullying video. The memory of this experience is still vivid to me 15 years on.

    School news / Julian Cadman's school offers counselling

    Teachers at the Sydney primary school attended by Julian Cadman are sharing the heartbreaking news of his death with their young students.


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