1. Language learning

There is no better and more effective way to learn a language than to be immersed in a culture that speaks the language. Your students are surrounded by the language on a daily basis and are seeing and hearing it in the proper cultural context. Language learning happens most quickly under these circumstances. Our homestay programs are known to be the most effective way for students to improve their language skills – it is proven that students improve more in an immersive environment compared to that in the classroom, where it’s easy to fall back into speaking English.

2. Personal growth and development

Travelling offers young people the opportunity to explore while granting them a chance to be independent and responsible. Their problem solving and communication skills will strengthen as they will wind themselves in situations they have to deal with on their own for the first time.

3. Experience of a lifetime

What’s really fantastic about an educational tour is that this may be the only chance for students to travel. Although Australians are known to be passionate travellers, a lot of students may have never travelled nor have they ever thought about visiting other countries. A teacher escorting a group can be the key to sparking their imaginations and helping them discover underlying passions by bringing them across the globe – Something they’ve only ever dreamed about.

4. Developing international relationships

One of the greatest things about travelling is meeting new people from different backgrounds. Students have so much to learn from other countries and what better way to experience culture than through interacting with locals and people their age? Building these lifelong relationships is not only super fun but extremely beneficial down the road in regards to their network. Who knows… The people they meet can be their future travel buddies and maybe they can be the locals who show them around your hometown when they decide to visit.

5. Improved academic and career opportunities

It’s proven that educational travel and exchange programs increases student’s opportunities throughout their academics as well as later on in their careers. Having lived in another country and being able to speak a foreign language will set exchange students apart from the crowd and mark them as someone who has proven themselves in challenging circumstances.