Rehearsals at schools all over Australia are well and truly underway and we want to see what they are up to!  We’ve asked all 250 Wakakirri participating schools to share their hard work, smiles and behind the scenes chaos with us and the world.

Each week from the 6th June to the 12th August, 2016 (excluding school holidays) Wakakirri participating schools can upload a photo/video that best captures the theme of the week to their preferred Social Network using the hashtag #welovewaka. 

Entries close at 6pm every Friday and the weekly winners will be announced every Monday. The weekly winning photo/video will be randomly selected from those posted over the course of the week.

Six Wakakirri merchandise packs will be given away and the winning schools’ image will be featured as the Wakakirri cover photo on our Social Networks!!


Week 1 - 6th June
Rehearsal Photo (Behind the scenes)  

Week 2 - 13th June
"#welovewaka" in public - show us this hashtag in a creative way 

Week 3 - 20th June
Signature Item: STAR 

Week 4 - 25th July
Sets, Props and Costumes 

Week 5 - 1st August
Minimise Your Footprint 

Week 6 - 8th August
'W' in public - show us the W symbol in a creative way
(Excludes School Holidays - 25th July to 12th August 2016)

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Wakakirri live show days around Australia commence at the end of July.
To find out more, call 1800 650 979 or email