So when French teachers from all sectors descend upon Adelaide this coming September/October long weekend for the 2016 FATFA/SAFTA/ASFS Conference, they can expect to connect their practice to wider cultural affairs.

Now ten years since its inaugural launch, conference convenor Dr Colette Mrowa-Hopkins says the event marks a special period for French teachers, but especially for those hailing from the south.

“…So it’s a kind of [an] anniversary for SA and the community of French teachers and a momentous one at that, given that 2016 is a particularly rich year for staging a range of French cultural events in South Australia.

“One of the highlights being the exhibition of Lesueur’s scientific drawings from Baudin’s exploration voyagers 1800-1804 at the SA Maritime museum ... another being the launch of a new French Australian bilingual school to start in 2017 in Adelaide,” Mrowa-Hopkins shares.

Attracting presenters from all over the world, the conference will offer an extensive programme designed to offer up the latest research and ideas from the sector.

“One of the highlights will be a session on ‘Real French in the Real World’ where a panel of French professional engineers, geologists, medical professionals, wine makers, small specialist traders will testify to the valuable contribution of the French in Australia and emphasize the relevance of the French language across a range of contexts,” Mrowa-Hopkins says.

In line with its theme ‘Réflexions, Rencontres, Réalisations’, the meet will host an enviable line-up of keynote speakers, one being Michel Boiron, Director of the CAVILAM-Alliance Française.