The program, which will launch in 2017, is unique in its focus on online leadership.

“We look at aspects of leadership, of management, we look at the impacts they need to consider, [and] impacts of the online part of distance education,” explains course director David Smith.

“The course was designed for people who are in the technology development of subjects, and the technology management of education and training platforms.”

In addition to this focus on creating community within the online classroom, considering the effects of globalisation while seeking to develop and innovate the digital environment, are also areas the course explores.

“We’ve designed it so that it’s user-friendly, so, yes, there is an introduction into research subject, because we think there might not be a lot of background into research with these students, so it’s really, ‘what does it mean for a qualitative study, or a quantitative study?’,” Smith says.

The program itself is tailored towards those who are currently working, with the workload reflecting this. The course also offers the opportunity for students to incorporate their work and study.

“[If] they want to try the effects of their project, they can do it in their workplace, which means they don’t have to give up work… and they can do it in a place where they can possibly or hopefully, promote some change and also see the effects of their ideas, or project ideas, from their learning.”

The course is very much aimed towards individuals who are in charge of technology platforms and are seeking to learn more, with the program offering them “an official and legitimate qualification”.

“We have teachers who are involved in developing online subjects, or putting subjects online, so we have subjects here that will help those teachers to be able to take a subject, [and] then be able to redesign it for the online environment.”