Ever wondered how you can begin to integrate technology in the Australian Curriculum? We developed a course that will help you to Integrate Teaching Strategies that will Develop Student ICT Capability Today" and it has just received its first 4-star rating!

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When enrolled you will learn how to develop student capabilities by creating opportunities to exploit technology in the Australian Curriculum. Also, you will gain the expertise you need to identify student progress and to maximise the learning potential of students.

You will be able to:

  • Optimise opportunities for the development of ICT capability;
  • Plan for progression;
  • Efficiently facilitate learning;
  • Select the appropriate tools for learning;
  • Develop an effective assessment strategy and;
  • Organise ICT in the classroom.

ICT capability is a 21st century skill embedded throughout all the Learning Areas of the Australian Curriculum. These strategies have been proven in comprehensive research to effective in the development of ICT capability for students in your classroom.

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