The star studded cast includes teachers and students across South Australia, as well as guest appearances from the likes of author and TV presenter Jane Caro and QI’s Alan Davies, thanking teachers for their dedicated, and often unheralded service to society.

Dr Peter Lind, Registrar for the Board, said the video and its participants belie the importance of teachers everywhere, and that the video serves as a thank you for the wonderful work they do.

“Teachers have always been held in esteem because they have tended to work with the most vulnerable, the youngest of the population in the very formative years... they are very influential in that way,” he said.

“Most teachers would just love a bit of recognition, a kind word to say thank you for what you’ve done.”

A special way you can honour a work colleague or fellow educator you consider to be worthy of overdue recognition, is to enter our Unsung Heroes’ competition...