ASG NEiTA chief executive officer John Velegrinis says the awards are a way for communities to give back to their educators, and reward them for the impact they have made.

“Communities are deeply engaged in education matters and in some cases, they can be the richest educational resources, so I congratulate them for really making a difference in their local communities,” Velegrinis said in a statement.

“We say that education is one of the most critical investments that parents, families and communities can make, but we need teachers like our ASG NEiTA recipients to drive this education and really invest in nation building through our young people.”

The awards are separated into early childhood, primary and secondary categories.

NSW led the country with 15 award recipients, followed by Victoria with 11, Western Australia with 10, 9 for Queensland, 5 for South Australia, 4 for the Northern Territory, 3 for Tasmania and 3 for the ACT.

ASG NEiTA chairman Allen Blewitt said the reputations of the awards stems from their highlighting the positive aspects of teaching, and providing a way for people to thank their educators.

“These awards go from strength to strength because they celebrate outstanding teachers whose positive influence can last a lifetime,” he said.