I have always been a compulsive list writer, but then I discovered TaskMatrix. This app is a great productivity tool for both teachers and students. On the most basic level it can be used to create ‘to do’ lists but is also great for curating and prioritising ideas or even building homework and study timetables. Using simple tools and gestures you can create and arrange colour coded “digital sticky notes.” Your tasks can be given a due date and priority level as well as being filtered or re-categorised in a number of ways. TaskMatrix is bright, colourful, easy to use and great for the visual learner.


$13.99 (MOBILE); $46.99 (MAC)

I was fortunate recently to download this app for free, thanks to Apps Gone Free (look for it on the App Store). MindNode is, in all respects, the ideal tool for mind mapping exercises. It is easy to use and offers an ever-expanding canvas, which will also accommodate photos and stickers. Integration with iCloud Drive ensures sharing across all your devices and completed maps can be exported in a range of formats. MindNode also has a great website which offers newsletter subscription, screencasts and customer support. Yes, it is expensive but as the developers claim, it is “delightful mind mapping” and regularly featured amongst the Best of the App Store.



From tables to games, to SOLO Taxonomy, the hexagon is “all the rage” in education. The Hex-AGone app is one of the recent releases from UK based Alan Peat Ltd. This is a vocabulary building word game, ideal for upper primary students, but equally addictive for Scrabble loving adults! It is a simple matter of building words from hexes to boost your multiplier and overall score. There are achievements and boosters along the way and, pleasingly, each 18-hexagon group is randomly generated; so, no repeats. As I have undoubtedly written previously, be sure to check out the full range of educational applications from this developer