Despite a demanding year, Komp says with his masters soon to be completed, there’s now “light at the end of the tunnel”.

“When you’ve only got a night or two free and you’ve got a family, and you’re teaching full-time, [study] has been a bit of a struggle, but … I’m nearly there, when I get that thesis out of the way!” he says.

Komp, who works as a phys ed teacher, has been studying girls’ participation in PE – a challenge the father of three daughters wants to see addressed and improved.

Although the topic hasn’t resulted in any great surprises, outlining the issue and gathering data has allowed him to map the extent of the problem.

Komp says studying an area he’s passionate about has made the heavy workload bearable.

“[I want to] spread the information, spread the word and then ask ‘where do we go from here? How do we change our curriculum? How do we change the way it’s taught to better engage these girls that are dropping off in middle school PE?’.

It’s an area I’ve found really interesting.

The part I’ve struggled with is actually the time to write it all up!”

However, this process Komp says, has also improved his teaching practice.

“The most valuable thing for me is it makes you think about the way you teach in a lot of ways … just to reflect a little on the way you deliver and the way you teach.

“That’s probably been the main thing that’s come about from doing the postgrad study for me – thinking ‘am I doing this the right way? Are there ways I can improve the way I’m doing it? Is there [another] way that’s best practice?’”