Having done away with tradition, for the first time the association will offer educators the rare chance to learn from within the Adobe, Microsoft or Google headquarters in what may prove to be the ultimate immersive tech experience. 

Guided by the jaunty theme ‘Ready? Set? DigiTech!’ the two-day event will attract teachers from across all sectors and subject areas, but especially those keen to learn how the new Digital Technology Curriculum for NSW will translate into practice. 

Association president Leanne Cameron says when she first reached out to Google to play host she was not expecting such an exciting outcome. 

“They just came back to us and said ‘anything, anything that we can do to get more quality in computer teaching we will do!’ It was unbelievable,” she recalls. 

Now with Adobe and Microsoft also on board, Cameron says the spread of three venues will give participants the freedom to tailor-make their own learning on day one of the program. 

“So each one will appeal to different markets … for Adobe, the specialty they really bring is high-end media tools, so that will really appeal to any teachers that really want to immerse themselves in multimedia,” Cameron shares. 

“It’s not going to be a sales pitch, it’s going to be hands on, really getting into their products, but there will also be our guest speakers there explaining how they can use these tools in the classroom.”

With so many changes afoot in the state’s ICT-skewed syllabuses, Cameron notes that it’s crucial that all teachers feel secure in their ability to quickly adapt and upskill. 

“There are a number of things happening right now that every teacher really needs to know about...”