The policy, which pledges to restore Gonski funding to schools, has come under fire from Dr Ken Boston who says that the financial commitment has missed the point.

"Gonski was a fundamental re-imagining of Australian education within the framework of existing and available resources, not simply an argument for more resources for schools," Dr Boston said in a speech.

"The Gonski report did not see additional funding as the key to improving Australian education."

"We are on a path to nowhere.”

Dr Boston, who is a former education department chief in both New South Wales and South Australia, also spoke out about Gonski’s position on the distribution of school funding according to need.

Dr Boston said during his speech that he intended to challenge the belief that the school funding policies of the Labor governments were reflective of the Gonski review.

The speech, which was made during celebrations for the third anniversary of Queensland public policy group the T.J. Ryan Foundation, has provoked quick responses from both the Labor leader Bill Shorten and Education Minister Simon Birmingham.

Shorten has spoken out about working with the federal government to limit commonwealth funding for rich private schools.

"I don't want to make private versus public some sort of partisan or party-political issue," he told ABC radio following Dr Boston’s speech.

Birmingham hit back saying Shorten “didn’t appear to realise that the 27 special funding deals he signed on the eve of the 2013 election were vastly different to what the Gonski Report recommended.”

“Shorten has failed to defend the shambolic schools funding deals he stitched up as Education Minister in an interview this morning that highlighted Labor is more interested in playing politics with future funding rather than engaging in the sensible policy discussion the Turnbull Government is leading,” Birmingham said.

“At best the Leader of the Opposition was embarrassingly unaware that what he was saying was not recommended by Gonski, at worst he was deliberately trying to lie to Australians by misrepresenting the Report.” 

Across social media, Gonski is once again a topic of hot debate as opinions flood in.