It wasn’t until I started Year 11 that I realised I wanted to become a teacher. Previously, I thought I’d like to be a nurse and in my gap year I studied a Diploma of Beauty Therapy, which I used to help pay my way through university. But I realised teaching is my true passion and now I could not think of doing anything else.

I studied a Bachelor of Education at the University of Tasmania and would recommend it to anyone looking to embark on a teaching career.

In August of my final year at uni, I obtained a Limited Authority to Teach [LAT] which enabled me to start relief teaching. I was lucky enough to work in a large range of schools, which quickly developed my confidence and competence.

The most challenging thing I found last year, especially at the start of the year, was balancing work and home/social life. I decided to stay at school each day until I had completed everything I needed to do and also set aside one day of the weekend to plan for the week. Allowing myself this time helped me find balance.

The staff and principal at the school I work at have been extremely supportive, they are kind and compassionate and offer their support at all times.  They are also very approachable and personable which makes me feel comfortable to seek help if ever I need it.

What I’ve most enjoyed about this year are the relationships I have developed with my students. They have had a great impact on my life. I love teaching them and being a positive role model. I believe it’s so important to show them how much I care, to always hold high expectations and to believe in them.

There have still been some testing and hard times but that is all part of teaching.

I absolutely love having my own class and it has surprised me how much of a mother figure you become to these students and not just a teacher.

I feel like this year has been easier than I expected but I do believe every year will get easier in terms being more experienced with planning, assessment and reporting but at the same time every year brings with it new challenges.