Digital learning, e-Learning, online learning, or just learning. Whatever you call it, most educators agree that it takes a lot more than reading, watching or listening to something for a new idea to take hold. We see a richer level of interaction  unfold in front of us every day with a question, conversation or project team talk. Too often though we see real and learner-initiated conversation missing from our digital learning spaces. 

That’s why iQualify blends structured content discovery and self evaluation with social tools that help you focus on the whole learning experience. From the conversational interface that encourage learners to discuss and react to content through to peer assessment options that provide opportunities for every learner to evaluate others ideas and provide feedback. Pulses in iQualify provide you with an opportunity to run a realtime check in across a group of learners and provide a shared view of how your learners view themselves through a word cloud, chart or time series. This chance to reflect together provides a chance to build understanding and can prompt some great conversations. 

iQualify also caters for a range of other motivation and facilitation prompts, including the ability to recognise achievement with badges, boosting motivation and engagement. A badge provides both a visual representation of knowledge acquired and the motivation boost that goes with it, as well as rich metadata behind the badge with the learning details. 

Best of all the platform is fully supported. Personal data for Australian learners is hosted in Australia and runs around the clock.  You can try iQualify out for 30 days and see for yourself.

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