This means she got a taste of French culture very young, one of refinement and delicacy. Because she was fluent in French, she worked for Gillette in New Caledonia and had many other professional opportunities.

Many years later, in 2007, she launched Madame Flavour, a business selling tea leaves, and imports tea blends from all over the world. She began very simply in her house mixing blends and trying flavours. Now her brand is well known by 30% of Australian women.

She has created this brand with les femmes en tête (women in mind) knowing that nowadays they have so little time for themselves. Having a cup of tea is such a very precious moment for a busy woman.

Lately, she has trained Virgin flight attendants (les hôtesses de l’air) to serve her previous blends and pronounce the word « tisane » which means herbal infusion. No, it’s not taisane, it’s tezan, for god’s sake. Corinne wants to keep her team small – it is comprised of 10 people at the moment

She agreed that learning French was not easy for her at the beginning but her mother didn’t not give up. And today, she can see the benefit of it. Not only, she can travel the world, make friends and immerse herself into the Francophone world but also connect with her French family in Paris and Rouen. It has also added a French chic touch to her products. This is the reason why she has a photo of her mum on all her packaging to honour her legacy.

She is very keen to pass it on to her daughter Sienna, who was raised speaking French.

She has travelled the world to Cuba, France, USA, China, Sri Lanka, Norway to name a few. She says French is always an inspiration for the business.

Among all her blends she has created, she prefers the Earl Grey. So now on, you can sip du thé à la lavande or the one called Paris with rose flavour, choose Monte Carlo or Provence with lavender and apricot flavours from the Mediterranean gardens.

“Yes, it’s only tea, but small things can make a difference, “says Corinne, who has decided to wrap her delicate tealeaves in a fine mesh and not in conventional tea bags.

As  Corinne summarises, speaking French opens a lot of worlds. My students are now convinced of it.