Hosted by the Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA) and its Tasmanian branch, this years’ PD instalment will investigate ‘the art of science’ via 140 workshops, multiple keynotes and special off-site excursions. 

Designed to up-skill and reinvigorate all science educators and laboratory technicians, the four-day event will take advantage of its Hobart location to emphasise the links between art and science.

“There are many examples of scientists who showcase and communicate their science through art and many examples of artists who use science as inspiration and develop works that communicate complex science to the general community,” Louise Monge, ASTA Communications & Events Manager, says. 

One keynote speaker, biomedical animator Dr Drew Berry from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, will provide living inspiration. 

“He creates biomedical animations that combine cinema and science to reveal the microscopic worlds inside our bodies, and has also developed some public displays of his work ... projecting images of viruses onto the walls of the State Library of Victoria.”

A smattering of pre- and post- workshop tours include a Bookend Trust overnight excursion to Maria Island, and a Wonders of Tassie produce trip to the Coal Valley, with local wineries, distilleries and cheese making factories on show. 

“During the conference there will be a Rob Pennicott boat tour to Iron Pot, as well as some off-site excursions to UTAS labs, Cascade brewery and the Institute for Marine and Antarctic studies,” Monge adds. 

Monge says given the future of our STEM workforce rests in the hands of educators, attendance is really a must.