So to help shield educators from exhaustion, anxiety and burnout, PAI has developed a suite of soon-to-be launched Teacher Wellbeing Workshops to run in every state and territory. 

Rebecca Nicol, PAI’s general manager, says the events take a holistic approach to wellbeing by addressing the physical, spiritual, social and emotional realms that require teachers’ attention. 

“The session really is about you as an individual, so what you are doing to look after yourself, your attitudes towards your own wellbeing, and how that can impact and then looking at some individual strategies,” Nicol says. 

From here the ‘ripple effect’ of individual wellness is unpacked.

Nicol says that by arming teachers with the insight and skills to better manage challenging emotional times their colleagues and even wider school community will also benefit. 

“The facilitators delivering the sessions are staff who have been working in that wellbeing space and have a really good understanding of what wellbeing is, and also a teaching background, so they understand what the pressures are for teachers and what they’re dealing with on a daily basis.”

Following a successful pilot session in South Australia, the events’ format seems set to deliver. 

“...we got some really good feedback from that [pilot],” Nicol says. 

“So we just tweaked the session to make it a little bit more interactive.” 

The institute hopes that the program will be extended in the future to explore wellbeing for school leaders. 

“The expectation, I guess, would be that down the track we’d have slightly different, focused workshops that might focus on different elements or components of wellbeing,” Nicol elaborates.