Code Club is a nationwide network of free volunteer-led after-school coding clubs for kiwi kids.

Volunteers teach projects – such as how to make computer games, animations and websites - at coding clubs around the country.

With Lockley’s assistance, politicians and officials will learn to code alongside primary school students from the Wellington region.

Lockley who already teaches her peers about digital creation through coding during her regular segment on children’s show What Now, says she is looking forward to sharing what she has learnt at Code Club with politicians at parliament.

Not only will she will teach the leaders how to code, but also give her view on the importance of teaching coding to all young Kiwis.

“I think every child should have the opportunity to learn to code like every child learns how to count at school,” Lockley says.

People already use coding in their everyday lives, and it will become more advanced and used more often and in a wider range of things, she adds.

Lockley will fly to Wellington on May 8 with the Nanogirl Labs team - including Dr Michelle Dickinson.

Dickinson, also known as Nanogirl, is a NZ-based nanotechnologist and science educator.

She says it is important NZ children learn digital technologies in schools, and therefore crucial for NZ’s decision-makers to understand those technologies as they shape policy.

“Our work with Nanogirl Labs, and the work Code Club does, is all about making STEM accessible for all,” Dickinson says.

“This Code Club event is going to be great, and we’re really pleased to be supporting it.

I’m so excited to be travelling with young Amelia…she’s a remarkable young lady with a clear message that needs to be heard.”