A school-wide digital licence will provide students and staff access to all of our publications, including Australian Teacher Magazine, the annual Excursion, Incursion and Camp Guide, as well as Student Guide – and just in time for the release of our 2017 edition!

In addition, licence holders will be able to upload unlimited job advertisements on our EducationHQ job board, maintain an enhanced listing on our schools directory, even publish their own stories, events and other content.

As an added bonus, for teachers the Digital Licence is considered a professional development resource and satisfies standard 6 of the CPD requirements: ‘Engage in Professional Learning’.

School-wide licences start from as little as $295, so get it’s a very affordable way to access great content and services from EducationHQ.

In the coming weeks the licence will be further enhanced, to include access to publications via tablet devices. EducationHQ Jobs will also be adding some additional features to make it a must have service for schools.

If you are interested in taking advantage of our EducationHQ Digital Licence offer, please refer to additional information or download and information kit. Order Form to see our rates to join.