The long-time charity event helps fund research into blood cancers including lymphoma, leukaemia and myeloma and involves sponsors chipping in money to see the fundraiser’s head of hair reduced to a stubble.

 “Every time I cut my hair I always wish I was doing it for a cause, but most often it just seems to be bad timing,” Beyeler says.

“One of my friend’s kids had leukaemia and so that’s really been the drive to do it this year.”
With a target set at $1000, Beyeler told students that if they raised that amount, the student who donated the most could choose his haircut.

The amount was easily raised and Beyeler was true to his word.

“The student who donated the most money was Tyrone Louange, who put in $50 of his own money,” Beyeler says.

“He lost his dad to cancer, so it was something very personal for him, and we have a very good relationship, so it’s something he really wanted to do – to mess with my head a little bit, so to speak.

“He was nice enough to give me a mullet, which is better than what he could have done. But it was pretty bad.”

Apart from the head shave itself,  fundraising also involved a sausage sizzle, students set up waxing station where kids could nominate each other to wax a strip of hair from their legs, there were hair-colouring stations, braiding stations and then on the day students could approach Beyeler in the barber’s chair and donate to remove one of his dreadlocks.

In all, the hair-raising effort topped $2500, an outstanding result.