Awards included; Award for Excellence and Leadership in Tertiary Studies, Certificate of Excellence in Educational Leadership, Branch Fellowship (Honorary), Branch Fellowship, The Pre-Eminent Educational Leader Award.  

ACEL WA President Keith Newton gave thanks and recognition for the outstanding leaders in our schools and highlighted the important work that they do which is what will continue to build the quality of teaching in WA schools. 

We congratulate the following leaders on their outstanding achievement.

Award for Excellence and Leadership in Tertiary Studies

Kasthuri (Geetha) James (ECU) & Kristen Nairn (UWA)

Teacher Leader Award for Excellence

Sandra Dias (Greenwood & Allenswood Primary Schools) & Rachael Lehr (Science specialist at West Beechboro Primary School)

Certificate of Excellence in Educational Leadership was awarded to:

Jason Bartell – Principal of Swan Valley Anglican Community School

Doug Cook – Principal of Wembley Downs Primary School

Russell Hahn – Principal of Joondalup Primary School

Dr Lorraine Hammond – Senior Lecturer at Edith Cowan University

Trevor Lynch – Deputy Principal, Dean of College at Sacred Heart College

Edward Nastasi – Principal of Caladenia Primary School

Everal Pearse – Principal Southern River College

Damian Shuttleworth – Principal of Carine Senior High School

Cheryl Townsend – Principal Ballajura Community College

Grant Wheatley – Principal Special Education Needs:Medical and Mental Health

Branch Fellowship (Honorary) was awarded to:

Alan Genoni – Principal Canning College

Tony Watson – Principal Ashdale Primary School

Branch Fellowship of WA was awarded to:

Dr Shane Glasson – Catholic Education Office of WA

David Lee – Principal Atwell Primary School

Frank Pansini – Principal Aubin Grove Primary School

The Pre-Eminent Educational Leader Award was presented to:

Lee Musumeci – Principal of Challis Community Primary School

This award is presented to Lee as an influential and inspiring leader who has a record of exceptional achievement in educational leadership, which is recognised throughout the education and wider community. 

Lee’s advocacy of Early Childhood, outstanding educational leadership and community involvement makes her a truly worthy recipient of the ACEL WA Pre-eminent Educator award.