“[The course is] aimed at students who’ve completed a degree, who want to then go into the teaching profession, and into the secondary space to go into a particular specialisation,” course director Dr Catherine Oxworth, pictured, explains.

Dr Agli Zavros-Orr, who teaches the Curriculum and Methods units within the course, says one of the things that helps familiarise students with their specialisation is hands-on experience from industry.

“For example, one of the students who is currently doing Curriculum Methods II, one of their specialisations is media. In the conversations we have around career, we get them to think about working with organisations like ACMI. Also, one of the business students is looking at … an education degree because she feels that there’s a strong need to develop economic literacy.”

The more intimate class sizes are also a drawcard.

“I think sometimes with beginning students here, because they’ve chosen not to be part of the bigger institutions, they want the smaller tailored approach, and generally we have smaller class sizes, so that there’s a more intimate connection with the lecturers and the people that work here,” Oxworth says.

“We are fairly new, but we’re doing a lot of work to understand our students, where they’re coming from, what their needs are, and to be responsive, in how we deliver the units, especially the masters,” Zavros-Orr concurs.

“What I’m doing at the moment within the second masters is that there’s a significant component which is research-based, and so it extends the students’ knowledge of curriculum pedagogy and helps them to deepen that understanding, so that they can have broader options both nationally and internationally.”