There’s a lot to keep up with, new research and technology advances, management, best practice, innovation and more, and that’s why EducationHQ is launching LeadershipEd, dedicated specifically to the needs and interests of school leaders.

Featuring in-depth articles relevant to principals, deputies, heads of department and other leaders in the education space, LeadershipEd will ensure you are kept abreast of changes to policy areas, innovative practice, school success stories and much more.

While Australian Teacher Magazine will continue to provide fresh news and information on current topics, events and opportunities for leaders and educators alike, LeadershipEd will bring specialised content for those driving best practice in their school communities.

“We’re excited to expand our coverage of such a pivotally important area of education. Almost every day we speak with passionate, innovative and driven school leaders who want to share their insights with the broader education sector. Now we have the perfect platform to enable them to do that more regularly and in far greater depth,” Managing Editor Grant Quarry says.  

Our editors, journalists and freelance contributors will explore all corners of the country in search of expert advice from a range of exemplary leaders and educational innovators.

The magazine will be published each school term and made available via the EducationHQ digital publishing platform, as well as via the EducationHQ iOS and Android tablet and mobile apps. 

For 2017 the Term 3 and 4 editions will be free to individuals and schools to read, with the first edition to be released in September.

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There is a lot more to come to EducationHQ , we hope you continue to enjoy the current offering and will keep you up-to-date with future developments as they are released.