Regarding the article that appeared on EducationHQ titled: ‘The PISA fallacy in Singapore: insights from the NIE’ by Mr Walter Barbieri, we hereby acknowledge that quotes were wrongly attributed to Director General of the Ministry of Education, Mr Wong Siew Hoong.

“I wrote the article in good faith and did not intend to cause any offence. I maintain that the words quoted were delivered at the conference, and convey my genuine apologies if I have attributed them to the wrong speaker,” Mr Barbieri said.

EducationHQ also apologises without reservation for any offence the article may have caused.

Every effort is made on all occasions in our publications to ensure information presented is factually accurate, however in this instance we have fallen short of our lofty standards.

Naturally we will be making every effort to ensure this does not happen again.

Australian Teacher Magazine will be publishing a correction in the next edition in reference to the printed version of this story.