The Victorian branch of the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation has organised an action-packed program – boasting 180 seminars, practical workshops and lectures across primary, secondary, F-10 and VCE streams. 

CEO at ACHPER Victoria, Hilary Shelton, says attendees at the conference can expect a wide variety of topics to be covered over the two days, from encouraging more inclusion in physical education to bringing Quidditch into the classroom.

ACHPER Victoria puts out a call each year for presentation submissions from educators and industry experts.

“...We have a really strong focus on bringing in ... other teachers who are doing great work in this area, so that they can present on what they’re doing in their schools,” Shelton says.

The conference comes amidst calls for a whole-school approach to health and PE that would go beyond the mandated time students spend in PE class.

“If we want students who understand the value of physical activity in healthy, active lives ... all teachers should ... be monitoring the physical literacy of their students and flagging their concerns,” physical education expert Associate Professor Shane Pill from Flinders University, says.

Shelton wholeheartedly agrees and emphasises that ACHPER Victoria’s 2017 Conference is not just for health and PE instructors.

“Any teachers who are interested in increasing their capacity to provide great health and physical education in their school are ... welcome and we’d absolutely encourage them all to come along.”

The conference also features a range of workshops and lectures directed at helping teachers develop strategies to maintain good physical and mental health.