BRISBANE, Nov 13 - The Queensland leader said he had received the information from a parent.

"I apologise if the specific words I used offended anyone, but I make no apology for One Nation's policy to remove the controversial Safe Schools program from Queensland classrooms," he said in a statement on Monday.

He also said his comments were not a reflection on the state's teachers, who he had "the greatest respect for".

"No child should be bullied at school for any reason, but this program is not an anti-bullying program," he said.

"It contains highly explicit material directed at young children in their most formative years, without their parents or guardians knowledge or consent."

Dickson on Saturday said that grade four students were "being taught by teachers how to masturbate, how to strap on dildos, how to do this sort of stuff".

An angry Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk described the LNP-defector's comments as "complete nonsense" and "atrocious".

"I'm lost for words, I'm actually lost for words that someone would dare say such things that are simply and utterly not true," she said on Sunday.

Dickson said he wanted the premier to clarify her comments because there was no reference to the fact the program had been taught in Queensland classrooms "as recently as two weeks ago".

Dickson claimed Education Minister Kate Jones said in June the government had not made a decision about funding Safe Schools after October when the federal funding ran out.