Janelle Chapman
Brisbania Public School

Janelle has shown outstanding leadership qualities as Assistant Principal, particularly around the issues of equality and discrimination.  She has a gender dysmorphic child in her class and she has gone out of her way to support the child and his family.  Janelle organised training for the staff body aroud how to be sensitive towards and how best to respond to the child's needs.  As a result the child has felt protected, safe and able to be himself, which is an essential component for any child.  Janelle Chapman has show others how to take the lead in an uncommon and potentially difficult  situation without a moment's hesitation.  She has responded very naturally and with care and compassion - a very impressive leader.



Deirdre von Guilleaume
Mudgeeraba Creek State School, QLD

Through determination and thought provoking leadership Deirdre has taken our school (in five years) from average to the talk of the township. Mudgeeraba Creeks enrolments are increasing, staff moral is high, student focused learning has created happy kids and families are very supportive. Deirdre is an inspirational leader in all she does, she knows her school and the people in it. She never sees the glass half empty has takes every moment and event as a new learning opportunity. She has bought the fun and laughter back to learning for everyone! Our school is better because it is lead by Deirdre. A truely inspirational Principal.



Kristy Kendall
Toorak College, VIC

Kristy has been Principal of our school for 1 year. She came to Toorak College, taking on this brave position as the youngest female ever in an independent school. As a young mother of two she is inspirational to our students and staff in showing that as a woman, you can be a mum, you can be a teacher, you can be a leader and most importantly that you can achieve your dreams. She inspires the girls in our school every day. Whether it be, being the aerobics coach, assisting the Year 12 girls with Psychology, dressing up as Belle for International Women's Day, Singing in House music, in everything she does she gets involved and leads by example. Her passion for education and wanting to make a difference in the lives of our students is what drives her. Never will you see her negative, she looks only for the positive in everything that she does. She will go on to do amazing things, that I have no doubt of. She doesn't do it for recognition, she does it because she wants to make a difference.



Jedda Trueman
Timber Creek School, NT

Jedda works tirelessly to ensure each and every student, staff and support personal are well looked after at her workplace. An example of this is when Timber Creek School hosted the West is Best sports carnival. Five schools on the west side of the Katherine Region came together and met at Timber Creek. Staffs, students and support workers networked, competed, played and enjoyed each others company to make the sports carnival a successful learning experience for all that was involved. Jedda was the strong driving force that made it all possible. To the Pigeon Hole school students and staff, Jedda was a godsent angel. She drove them to their destination near their home when their school bus had broken down and was put in the garage at Timber Creek. Jedda went out of her way on a Friday night to drive those students and staffs for five hours then she turns around and drives back the same night for another five hours to get home.



Fiona Candlish
Cairns School of Distance Education, QLD

Fiona was instrumental in bringing about a major change to Cairns School of Distance Education.  With help from the Executive Team - the Investing for Success funding has been implemented as a Teacher Aide Team, for the benefit of student outcomes.  This had brought major change across the school and every team member feels valued and know that they are working towards improvement with all students who are enrolled in our school.
Professional Development is crucial to our schools performance and individually, so Fiona is always looking for ways to source and implement it; for example, Dr Andrew Fuller was a guest presenter at our latest Development Day.  This type of involvement for the progress of staff in the working environment is so crucial to how our Non-Teaching and Teaching staff, all work together as a team and produce the best work for the advancement of all students.  We have also had days that have been orchestrated by the non-teaching staff, to deliver leadership capability development that aim to improve the wellbeing of staff and how we interact with our peers.

Fiona has also been a shoulder to cry on, a friend to joke with and also a brilliant boss who has nothing in mind but a caring environment for me and all the staff to work in.  Her gentle nature for everyone’s wellbeing is so uplifting and it really wants people to do their best.  Her tenacity at building a better working environment for everyone is such a benefit to our school and definitely our working life.  I am so grateful that I have been given this opportunity to work for her and be a part of this special school.

This unsung hero has done so much for this school and for me personally and it is a wonderful chance and my absolute pleasure to nominate Fiona Candlish for her dedication to the Education World.  As she always says: “We are doing great things, which ultimately result in great outcomes for our kids”!