Formed around 12 years ago and comprised of staff members from Benowa State High School on Queensland’s Gold Coast, the group performs at school assemblies and other local events roughly twice a year.

Band member Dave Marini says the response of students, parents and fellow staff towards the band has always been really positive.

“I think at first they’re kind of surprised that we all play roughly in time and mostly in tune,” he says, laughing.

It’s important that the school’s student bands see the oldies really can rock and that as well as talking the talk, they can walk the walk.

“I think the students get a kick out of it; it’s important for my student bands to see that we are ready to get on stage and play as well,” Marini says.

Roles in the band, originally called The Triangle Chokes, are fluid, with each member most often capable of playing a range of different instruments.

Marini has recently been the band’s guitarist and lead vocalist, however he’s also played the keyboard and bass guitar at different times.

The band mostly plays covers, with David Bowie’s Jean Genie one of its most popular recent additions.

In previous years, they’ve performed The Ramones‘ Blitzkrieg Bop and Cake’s Short Skirt Long Jacket.

They’ve also mastered a mean version of The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony following the addition of a skilled violinist.

When band members’ busy schedules do not allow group rehearsals, each player learns his or her own part individually.

“I think we all just love music and love to play, and given that Benowa High has such a long tradition in music and the arts, we get a kick out of the fact students just accept us as another band in the line-up,” Marini says.