CANBERRA, Feb 21 - Aspiring Australian citizens already swear their loyalty to the nation and its people's rights, liberties and laws.

"They pledge their loyalty, they uphold our laws, they integrate and make an enormous contribution to the success," Dutton told the National Press Club on Wednesday.

"In my view, there is a place for the pledge in a broader rejuvenated civics effort with school-aged children, regardless of their background."

Dutton said he wanted to see more of Australia's core values and history - for better and for worse - taught to students.

"There are lots of people who come to our country that have come from a war-torn Africa or parts of the Middle East that haven't seen institutions like ours in full swing," he said.

"We should talk a lot more about it. What form that takes, we're happy to have that discussion (with state governments)."